Should You Travel Alone?

If you are untethered, footloose, fancy free... why not travel and volunteer with animals? 

We will help you live your dreams by making it real easy.

When you travel with AEI you get picked up from the airport and dropped off. You live either right on site or close enough to walk through UNESCO world heritage sites or on ocean side boardwalks. Most programs have meals included- but some don't for those looking to cook for themselves. Travelling by yourself means finding the program that is exactly perfect for YOU.

Looking to meet lots of people? We have lots of programs that have you volunteering on big teams of international volunteers. Looking to introvert and really focus on the local culture? We have one-on-one volunteer placements that you live with a family and volunteer on local teams of volunteers. 

Everyone is welcome to volunteer (after a short interview to make sure they are right for the experience and the experience is right for them) and then we do all the logistics. Our programs are great for single travellers because you get to participate in exactly what you want to do but you won't ever be lonely!

Our programs are safe, ethical and our clients always have local or international volunteers who are hosts and adventure buddies. Remember, we visit all the places first to make sure that they safe for single volunteers and groups, alike! 

Do that thing you have always wanted to do because you WANT to and you CAN.