Celebrate Your Mama and Her Love of Animals

Nora and mum in Greece.jpg

We think that mamas want to have adventures, too! While all of them deserve sleep-ins and frosty drinks, some mothers crave adventure and a way to nurture something inside of them they had to put on hold when they had kids. 

When we were younger we all had favourite animals that we loved. As parents we get to relive this wonder and excitement with our children. But we can start to believe that there are no opportunities for us to help animals. Leave that to the biologists, the veterinarians, the professionals. Well, at AEI we help everyone volunteer with animals no matter their background. We provide safe, ethical and life changing trips, so anyone can have an animal adventure. All our programs include airport pick-up and accommodation, most of them include food – all-inclusive packages, but with endangered animals!

Volunteers help with the conservation of dolphins in Croatia, take elephants on jungle walks in Thailand, feed breakfast to toucans and monkeys in Guatemala and care for kangaroos in Australia. Our animal experiences span more than 15 countries and help over 25 important programs. 

Sure, some mums want a total break from everything- fair enough! But for those who are looking for an adventure, something just for themselves - and those animals they used to dream about? Animal Experience International is for them!