What better way to connect with your family than by sharing a volunteer adventure overseas! We help families travel together to have safe, meaningful experiences. Let us find the best trip for your family – whether you are traveling with younger children, planning a multi-generational trip or traveling with your sibling, parents or extended family. Travel creates lasting memories. There is so much to experience in a new country, exploring the surroundings and learning about a new culture. You and your family will fall in love with your host country as you help a local animal project and become part of the community. Volunteering brings you closer. Spend time  together helping animals and contributing to a meaningful cause. Combine your family vacation with an animal adventure for a trip that you will never forget!

AEI is a proud member of the Family Travel Association to make sure you and your family have the best experience possible.

Orphaned monkey needs your help

Wildlife Rehabilitation in Guatemala

Help sick, injured and orphaned wildlife in central Guatemala.

Families with children of all ages are invited to help with the feeding, cleaning and care of wild animals who have been confiscated from animal traffickers. Living in separated cabins, families are able to have their own space while still living at the centre. 3 square meals are provided every day so parents just have to think about making memories with their families.
This centre is located in northern Guatemala, safe in the jungle away from busy streets and pollution. There is easy and close access to grocery stores, pharmacies and hospitals.

Sea Turtle Conservation in Costa Rica

Help conserve sea turtles on the Pacific coast.

Families with children of all ages will love living in a small coastal community. Three square meals a day and self contained cabins for families meas that parents know their children are safe without having to worry about what they will cook for dinner. Volunteer activities range from measuring and releasing sea turtles to planting mangrove trees. Located in the safe and beautiful Osa peninsula, this program is a short bus or taxi trip to grocery stores, pharmacies and hospitals. Children will love getting up close and personal with animals while they do a short hike to the mangrove nursery. We have seen sloths, dolphins, toucans and scarlet macaws on our walks!


Dog Rescue in Mexico

Help with dog and cat rescue, adoption and public education in Mexico. 

Located in central Mexico, this dog rescue centre is perfect for the family who wants to instil empathy and compassion in their dog loving children. Open to all families, there are always safe activities that children of all ages can take part in. Families have a choice to live in a home stay and see real Mexican culture or in a locally run hotel close to museums and authentic restaurants. Independent families will love the options of guided hikes, cultural tours and local cuisine tasting while they take evenings off. Experience the joy of rescue while also making memories that will last a lifetime.

Volunteers help with bats in Cuba

Bat Conservation in Cuba

Assist with the study of bats in Cuba. 

For the family that wants to know more about locally run conservation and the real lives of Cubans. Not recommended for small children as all participants need to be rabies vaccinated- this is the perfect way to have your animal loving child see the hands on side of conservation. Three square meals a day, hiking into national forests and setting up nets in bat caves may not be for everyone but it looks great on everyone’s Instagram. Having your child understand their place in this world and empowering them to help animals is one of the best gifts you can give them. These programs run twice a year and are easily added to the start of a beach vacation in Cuba. Show your children that if you work hard, you can also play hard: balance is key.

Horses in Mongolia

Horse Conservation in Mongolia

Help monitor the wild horses of Mongolia. 

Off the beaten track this is for adventurous families with children of all ages. Located 2 hours from the capital, this scientific research station is perfect for the family that needs a digital detox. While there is electricity there is no Wi-Fi. Children learn the basics of conservation while working on their jump shot on the most remote basketball court we’ve ever seen! Long hikes on the steppe and star gazing at night bring new found peaceful nights. Families with young children share a yurt while families who need some space (or who’s teenagers need some space) live in neighbouring yurts. All your meals are included so the only things that parents need to worry about is their jump shot.

help doggos in Spain

Dog Rescue in Spain

Help rescue and rehabilitate Spanish Galgos. 

Help save these amazing dogs! In Spain, galgos – Spanish greyhounds - are used for hunting hares in the countryside. Despite being part of Spanish culture for centuries, as “hunting dogs” galgos are not seen as companion animals and often have difficult lives filled with neglect and abuse. Their speed and agility make them excellent at chasing hares and breeders aspire to create the “perfect” galgos.

Help turtles in Sri Lanka

Sea Turtle Conservation in Sri Lanka

 Help conserve sea turtles in Sri Lanka. 

Five species of sea turtles nest on the beautiful beaches of Sri Lanka, and these turtles are also under threat. In 2005, the “boxing day Tsunami” affected Kosgoda, Sri Lanka tremendously. Hundreds of metres of beach were lost and so were people's livelihoods. Fishing was compromised and even the local tourism industry saw a dramatic decline. Many people are now dependent on the selling of turtle eggs and jewellery made from the shells of Hawksbill turtles.

Croatian dolphin.jpg

Dolphin Conservation in Croatia

Help with dolphin conservation in Croatia. 

Our partner in Croatia has come to the aid of the dolphins. This organization began as a collaboration between the Slovenian Museum of Natural History, local biologists and scientists from several international universities. Their main aim is to monitor the dolphins and use the information collected to form a baseline for conservation plans.

leatherback goes home

Sea Turtle Nesting Conservation in Costa Rica

Help conserve sea turtles in Costa Rica by protecting nesting sites. 

The beaches along the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica are the nesting site for many leatherback, hawksbill and green sea turtles that lay their eggs here.  As the female turtles come in to nest, they are exposed to many threats. One of the biggest threats is the illegal poaching of the eggs that they lay.