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Are you interested in completing an international program? Consider traveling to Kenya or Mexico to participate in an AEI Domestic Rescue Experience. These placements have been pre-approved by Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine International Program to qualify as a international placements for students registered in the Veterinary Medicine Program.

All of the AEI Experiences are available to you as a student, and then throughout your career as a Veterinarian. You can gain valuable skills, confidence and experience helping animals around the world. With the exception of Dog Rescue in Kenya and Mexico, these AEI Experiences will not qualify as an official International Placement, however they all offer you the opportunity to travel, network and set yourself apart in a competitive field after graduation.

All of our placements have our volunteers directly taking part in the care and conservation of animals, both wild and domestic! Any experience of your choice would be beneficial for your CV and provide you with real world experience working with a variety of species.

AEI Experiences are non-structured placements – built around your interests, your particular skill set and your schedule. AEI Experiences are project-based, working with Placement Partners that are well established in their communities. We can develop a placement for you that will allow you to contribute to a valuable project and provide you with the opportunity to travel and experience the country in which you are visiting. Interested in learning more about fundraising for your externship? Please check out our fundraising page!

Are you nervous about travel and your safety? It's okay, travelling and volunteering can be overwhelming, that is why we exist! To help you travel safe, volunteer smartly and get back home in one piece. To read more about how we help you stay safe, please read our Guide to Safety.


Dogs in Mexico. Approved for Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine International Programs.

Humane dog and cat population management and education.

Their mission is to reduce the pet overpopulation problem through an ethical and humane program. This organization focuses their efforts on three main objectives. Their educational campaign promotes responsible pet ownership and targets school-aged children and the general public. Their spay and neuter clinics offer low cost pet sterilization to members of the community.

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Dogs Rescue and Care in Kenya. Approved for Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine International Programs.

Humane care and socialisation so dogs can be adopted in Nairobi.

While not approved for externship credits, this program is highly recommended for those interested in shelter medicine. This shelter doesn't just pick these animals up - they rescue them. All of the animals that have been brought to the centre will have the chance to be adopted in the community. To ensure these adoptions are successful, the staff and volunteers do everything they can to make these animals feel safe again.

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