Travel Swag Recommendations!

In January we submitted some travel advice to Happy Luxe. They were looking for some travel recommendations. Well, do we ever have those! Our volunteer coordinator travels 20-30 weeks of the year. They specifically were looking for advice about travelling in Africa. 

We have two programs in Africa, one helping rescue wildlife in Malawi and one helping rescue dogs in Kenya. Our volunteer coordinator also has volunteered in Sierra Leone and Uganda

The final blog was great: How To Have The Best Trip Ever: Awesome Travel Tips for Africa. A great group of people with a lot to stay about travelling ethically and smartly throughout the continent. 

What made us maybe even more excited was the email from Happy Luxe a few days after it was published. They thanked us and asked if we wanted a thank you care package. Of course we did!

A few weeks later and the day before a flight cross Canada we got a travel wrap, pillow and eye mask. All of them made from micromodal, in America, designed by women. So not only were they soft and comfy they also made us say: hey, this company sounds pretty neat! 

happy luxe 2.jpg

True, they buttered us up by sending us some free stuff but after trying them (and loving them) how could we not recommend these travel accessories to everyone? 

The wrap was great on the air plane, the pillow was outstanding for sleeping in the airport and the sleep mask was perfect for the jet lag that followed. Soft, sustainable, brought to you by good people who want to share travel knowledge and all actually designed with function as well as looks in mind. 

Wait, what is micromodal? Micromodal is a super soft fabric that is made by spinning cellulose of beech trees. There are so many people on earth, there is no fabric that can be mass produced that has a completely ethical footprint. However, micromodal is better than a lot of fabrics. It has a smaller water and carbon footprint than most synthetic fabrics- and cotton!

We think Happy Luxe is a great little company and we like little local business. We also like that the woman who designed all of these travel accessories was Leah Murakami, one of the first combat ready female fighters pilots in the U.S! If you are looking for something to make your flights a little bit more comfy but don't want to cut ethical corners, we really recommend what Happy Luxe has to offer! 

Take care and travel safe!