World Water Day

This year Wold Water Day is all about helping animals 

All life needs clean water to grow, survive and thrive. Our volunteers understand the reality of this fact as they help animals around the world. Every single program we offer depends on water. Howler monkeys in Guatemala need fresh water to drink. Elephants in Thailand need water to clean their sensitive skin. Horses in Mongolia need water to fall as rain, to nourish the grass that they eat. Dolphins in Croatia need unpolluted water in which to live. Without clean water, life on Earth wouldn't exist. As animal lovers we must protect our water - fresh and salt, from pollution, toxins, plastics and human development. 

When you volunteer with animals you are doing more than helping those specific and individual animals you are in contact with every day. You are showing your friends, family and community that conservation isn't just for some - it's for all of us. Your powerful message is that you know you can help these animals - and that they can too. We can all do our part to protect and conserve the world around us, including our rivers, lakes and oceans. 

To help spread this message of empowerment, if you send in your application today, we will give you $100 Canadian off your trip fees. Take advantage of this amazing offer as you celebrate World Water Day and stand up for nature!