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Please list any relevant medical history (including allergies and dietary restrictions)..
AEI requires you to get a doctor examination done before you take part in any international volunteering or travel.
International Travel Experience
Please list the dates and capacity in which you traveled.
Volunteer Experience
Please list any international and domestic volunteer experiences.
Relevant Education/Professional Licenses
If you are applying to medical experiences AEI requires copies of your transcripts, professional licenses, certifications and any other related documentation : Please list all the supporting documentation you will be sending to AEI.
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AEI requires your contract, waiver and deposit 6 months before departure.
If you are applying less than 6 months before departure some exceptions can be made- the Volunteer Coordinator will discuss possible solutions with you at the time of your interview.
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Once approved, AEI requires all Clients to send:

* proof of travel insurance (as outlined in the Terms and Conditions)
* proof of doctor examination
* proof of vaccinations/protective titre levels
* transcripts for relevant material
* pay their deposit (most likley 20% of their total fees)
* certifications/qualifications/license
* ID (passport)
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