animals need you

Tigers and crocodiles and baboons- need your help!

Around the world, we have seen a decline in people travelling. There are many reasons for it but understanding the complex reasons don’t help the teams who are working around the clock to help animals. What will help is your time. We have local vets on the ground who are doing everything they can to save wildlife from trafficking. They are rehabilitating sick, injured and orphaned animals, releasing them as quickly as possible to help support the ecosystems that these animals are important members of.

How do you fit in? You can help support the vets by volunteering to do husbandry! These animals need to be fed, cleaned and given enrichment and support every single day. You can do that! And by doing that, you take these tasks off the plate of the vets. They can give better medical care to the animals, care for more animals and in turn release more animals. Cutting up 4lbs of bananas may seem easy, and it is but its vital to the survival of orphaned howler monkeys. Sweeping leaves out of an enclosure may seem easy, and it is but it’s crucial for the rehabilitation of antelope. Stuffing seeds into pre-drilled sticks may seem easy, and it is but it’s deeply important for the psychological care of wild birds before they are released back into the jungle.

We don’t need vets. There are vets on the programs. We need people to support the vets. To take part in easy but incredibly important feeding, cleaning and enrichment tasks. The more volunteers helping with these tasks, the higher the quality of life is for these animals, the more time the vets can focus on medical care and the sooner the animals can go back to their homes in the forest.

If you can volunteer in 2019, we will give you $100 off your fees. We need your help to help those helping animals.

So please, apply today.