It’s time to ban inhumane predacides in Canada

In Nepal there is a street dog problem. We have partnered with two amazing groups that are taking part in humane population control. What does that mean? Spay and neuter programs. That is the only sustainable and humane way to help the dogs, protect the citizens and decrease the number of dogs on the street.

We can proudly tell you that in the areas our programs work, the government doesn't poison the dogs anymore. That is what they used to do. Leave strychnine on the street so animals would eat it and die. It's a horrific and terrible death- killing intended and unintended victims in horrible ways.

Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency wants to know what you think about their plan to use strychnine against animals they think are pests: wolves, coyotes and bears.

AEI couldn't not be more against the horrific, unsustainable and cruel form of population control. We stand with the Vancouver Humane Society when we say there should be an absolute ban on poisoning animals as population control. Pesticides as population control is draconian, inhumane, proven ineffective and completely unnecessary in Canada.

Please, email: and let them know that you do not support the use of poison/pesticides as population control in animals.