Connections and lucky meetings

In the autumn of 2017 our co-founder went to Oman, in the Middle East. She went to volunteer her time at a dog rescue. When she was there she thought about what took her there and how interconnected the world was. She wrote a blog post about it that was published on She Sees the World and then republished on Evox

It got us thinking about our clients and their stories. What did they do while volunteering that would lead them down a different path? What would their stories look like now that they volunteered?

Also... Who did they meet?

If you watched BBC Earth's #BigCats you saw the Pallas's cats. We just found out that our volunteers who were in Mongolia last year ran into the BBC team! They even got to watch the footage of the 5 little Pallas's cat kittens- in the field! Something that they will remember forever, imagine looking back on your trip and remembering just casually hanging out with people filming things new to science?

Check out a video our volunteers made after they volunteered in Mongolia.

Jaime and Bob Irwin

Last week we found out one of our volunteers met Bob Irwin while she was at her placement volunteering at a sea turtle rehabilitation centre in Australia. Imagine how she felt when she met an animal conservation legend and getting a selfie with him?! These are the things that stick with us, that change our lives. 

While writing this we found out our volunteers in Guatemala are going out on an iguana release! Something else that will stick with them for the rest of their lives. 

We don't know where our stories will go and what events will cause other ones, but we do know that for people who volunteer with animals, the future will be extraordinatry!