We have strength in numbers...

2018 saw the safe return of our 500th volunteer. And this got us thinking about how powerful we are together – how there really is strength in numbers. How one volunteer creates ripples in the water but 500 create massive waves. By volunteering your time and your skills, you are part of a movement- for animals, communities and the Earth!

Alone, you were able to help the local community and support the important work they are doing. But TOGETHER our time added up to more than FOUR YEARS of volunteer work in 2017! 

Together we were able to help more wildlife projects, publish important scientific data, educate communities, lobby governments, and see positive results around the world. To remind ourselves of the power we have when we work together, we are launching our Strength in Numbers - 2018 Campaign. 

We are calling on you – our AEI Alumni – to spread the word and help animals everywhere! Share your story and receive a free copy of Traveling Without Baggage! Write a blog post, give a presentation in your community, publish an article in your local newspaper – just get the word out that there is important work to be done, and that TOGETHER we can make a real difference in the world! To receive your free e-book, simply let us know what how you have shared your story within your community. AEI Alumni, with their compassion, dedication and strength in numbers, are a force for change!

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If you share your story, we will share ours! AEI will send you the e-book Traveling Without Baggage when you write a blog, publish an article, create a video or write a review about your time volunteering on an AEI program.


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Travel first leaves you speechless and then turns you into a story teller. Read how these experiences made our alumni story tellers! When you get back from your adventure help others change their life by sharing the story how you changed yours! 

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