All our experiences have been visited by a member of the AEI team. We have made sure they are safe, ethical and will provide you with the best possible experience- while you provide them with the best possible help.

Volunteers help socialise wildlife in Thailand.

Wildlife Rehabilitation in Thailand

Help care for wildlife rescued in Thailand.

Wild animals in Thailand are experiencing pressures from many sources – loss of habitat, hunting, the illegal pet trade, use of animals by the entertainment industry, and cruelty and abuse by people. In an attempt to help native wildlife this organization runs several projects including hands-on wildlife rescue, wildlife rehabilitation, community education and research. Built on temple land, the centre provides the animals with a huge plot of forest to shelter in during their rehabilitation, or for some to live in for the rest of their lives.

volunteer with animals in indonesia

Wildlife Rehabilitation in Indonesia

Help care for wildlife rescued in Indonesia.

Our partner centre is strategically located in Indonesia where it can tackle the cross-border trade. This sustainably-run rescue centre allows authorities to enforce wildlife laws, carry out their raids and confiscate live animals. These animals are offered care and rehabilitation, with the hope of being able to release them back into the wild. Those animals that cannot be released are provided long-term care at the centre. Our partner also supports the protection of wildlife and their habitats through education and advocacy.