Do you want to volunteer and travel as part of a group? AEI helps you organize your own group trip so that you can travel with the people you care about the most. We will provide you with all the information you need to be your own Group Leader! Whether you are a group of three - or a group of 15, we can find you the perfect place to share a life-changing experience with your friends, family or colleagues. Group travel is easy with AEI. We help coordinate your group, collect all the necessary documents and payments -  and of course we make all the arrangements for you.  And don’t forget - we offer a 5% discount for groups of 5 or more!

Our expeditions are group trips organized and lead by AEI. Expeditions are perfect for those travelers who want to join a group rather than travel alone. AEI expeditions run at specific times throughout the year. These exciting group trips follow a set itinerary where you will volunteer at an amazing project and fully experience the country you are visiting. There are always new expeditions being added, so check back frequently to find upcoming trips!

Volunteers help with bats in Cuba

Bat Conservation in Cuba

Spring and winter every year. 

Assist with the study of bats in Cuba. When people think of the Caribbean, vacation getaway comes to mind. Cuba is a popular tourist destination, with its warm climate and beautiful sandy beaches. Tourism has been very important for the economics of Cuba, but has also resulted in habitat destruction, and hotel development. Many animals are affected by this loss of habitat, including several species of bats.


Expedition Guatemala

15-25 February 2019

Cost: $1780 Canadian

Come join us in February as we lead an expedition to Guatemala! Have you always wanted to visit Central America? Help care for wildlife like spider monkeys, toucans and jaguars? Make new friends who love animals and travel as much as you do? This is your chance to volunteer at a Wildlife Rescue Centre with Animal Experience International. We are always amazed at how much we can achieve when a group of passionate volunteers come together and work towards a common goal - and this time we will be making a real difference for wildlife in Guatemala with your help!

Previous Expeditions

volunteering with giraffes

Expedition Kenya.

A team of 4 women to the Great Rift Valley to take part in community conservation in aid of the Rothchild's Giraffe. Read more about our Kenyan Adventure: Read Nora's or Lauren's or Marilyn's travel memoir! 
We were also featured on: Justin Plus Lauren.


Expedition Madagascar 

A vet team went to the largest island on the planet to help with community spay/neuter programs. They were able to sterilise 200 dogs, teach people about their home (Canada) and make connections that will last a life time. Read more about our Malagasy Adventure!

Volunteers in Greece

Expedition Greece

A team of 6 Canadians went to volunteer with dinosaurs in ancient Athens! Just kidding, they volunteered with sea turtles in the morning and visited ancient Greek ruins in the afternoons. Read about our Greek Adventure!