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Animal Experience International is a B Corporation on a mission to help animals around the globe by matching clients with animal related volunteer opportunities at sanctuaries, hospitals, wildlife rehabilitation centres, conservation projects and government programs. AEI clients pay a placement fee and are provided with an all inclusive Experience that benefits the community, animals and their professional development, education and/or their adventurous spirits. Want to know more about the people behind AEI? Read more about us on our About Us Page.

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We have developed a social responsibility page, a responsible travel page and an ethical travel manual. We want to empower you to make the best choices possible while taking part in your animal Experiences. We have partnered with some of the most ethical brands on the planet to bring you great savings on things you may need while volunteering. AND we review some of the best products on the planet, too! Products of the summer: The Scrubba and Haeleum shirts!

All of our Experiences are in aid of animal welfare and conservation.
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We are obsessed with trying to make sure you have the safest, most enjoyable and rewarding time while you volunteer internationally. One of the ways we help is by reviewing products that we actually think will make your life easier while traveling.

Travel Tips and Gear Reviews: How do I do laundry while volunteering? 

Let’s face it, you are going to get dirty while you are volunteering. We all do. If it’s swimming in the ocean and placing nets for sea turtles, cleaning up elephant paddocks, preparing meals for ocelots or snuggling rescue dogs, you are going to have to figure out how to get your clothes clean. At some of our centres there are laundry services and even washing machines BUT at the majority we recommend you wash your laundry by hand. Normally this means getting your clothes pretty clean in the shower or the sink, sometimes there is a hand washing laundry station but if you are anything like Nora- your stuff doesn’t get as clean as you would like. 

Enter: The Scrubba! This handy little (and lightweight) ‘washing machine’ changed Nora’s life and it will change yours. It’s the size of a small dry bag and since it’s air tight, can be used as one- or as a dirty laundry bag while you are on the project. It’s SUPER easy to use, too. All you do is fill it up with your clothes, some water and some soap and smoosh it around. Yes, smoosh. There are some scrubby bits in the bag so you just have to be the agitator they they do all the work! No more washing your gross elephant poo socks in the sink. No more trying to get your pants totally covered in soap for maximum freshness. The Scrubba is easy, it’s lightweight and it actually has changed the way we travel. After using one on a volunteering trip, Nora brought hers camping and was able to travel even lighter! Since she trusts the clean the Scrubba can bring to her clothes she only needs to carry two pairs of socks.

AEI Reviews: The Scrubba!

Our volunteer coordinator: Nora is a mountaineer and a world traveller and she has been washing her socks in sinks for years. We asked her how she felt about the Scrubba. "I took this on a camping trip into the mountains of British Columbia and it was great! I used it as a dirty clothes bag so my socks didn't ruin my clean and dry pajamas, then when it was time for me to wash everything it was incredibly easy. I'm important thing for me and for AEI is looking at my environmental footprint. The Scrubba is great because none of the soapy water that you use to wash your clothes, goes back into drinking water sources. You can easily empty your gross and soapy water into a sump and let it biodegrade. It's also lightweight which is nice. I have been washing my clothes in hostel sinks and showers for years now but they never got clean, I would always get soaked and since it's technically not allowed, I was always thinking I was about to get in trouble. The Scrubba is easy because you aren't making a mess of anything, your clothes are getting scrubbed and it means you can take even less clothes with you. The Scrubba was easy to use, too. You just fill it up, add some water and soap (there are fill lines and instructions) and use the scrubby bits INSIDE the bag to scrub all the dirt and food bits off your clothes so you don't have to touch anything. There is a small nozzle you open up to drain it safely and cleanly. People, this is a great product and it would be awesome to use while camping for sure, but also while volunteering! If you brought two pairs of shorts and two shirts with you to Thailand, you could wear one and wash one in the Scrubba once every few days. You could volunteer in Thailand and only bring carry on. Good bye worrying about your bags not showing up! I brought the Scrubba camping with me and I can't wait to bring it travelling with me. I will report back on Tumblr! The Scrubba is a really great piece of kit I am going to recommend to all our clients because it really does get clothes clean, it's light and it by function cuts down on the amount of stuff you need to pack!!"

So, it helps you clean things and they get actually clean. It helps you pack lighter. It helps you save water. It helps you dump dirty water in a controlled fashion, not all over yourself and in drinking water. It (again) get’s your laundry ACTUALLY clean. Do we recommend the Scrubba? Fully and wholeheartedly. Not just for our clients but now to our friends and our family members and members of Nora’s hiking trips! Mainly because now Nora doesn’t have to be the smelly guide ever again. Check out the Scrubba and be the belle of the volunteering ball- basically because you will be the only one with clean clothes!!  

AEI reviews the Haeleum : Gleam, a shirt with insect repellent inside it's design! 

Haeleum Gleam

Like much of the world, we have been watching the Zika virus crisis unfold. Currently, none of our placements have been affected by Zika virus and none of our clients or other volunteers at any centres have contracted Zika virus. In order to keep everyone safe, please read more on the Zika virus and how you can keep yourself safe. We also have some quick and easy ways to protect yourself from the bites of mosquitoes:

-Bring a bug net for when you are sleeping.
-Wear long sleeve shirts and long light pants at dawn and dusk, when mosquitoes are most active.

-Wear bug spray
-Consider a Haeleum shirt that has Insect Shield technology (bug repellent) IN the shirt! 
Like much of the world, we have been watching the Zika virus crisis unfold. Currently, none of our placements have been affected by Zika virus and none of our clients or other volunteers at any centres have contracted Zika virus. In order to keep everyone safe, please read more on the Zika virus and how you can keep yourself safe. We also have some quick and easy ways to protect yourself from the bites of mosquitoes:

-Bring a bug net for when you are sleeping.
-Wear long sleeve shirts and long light pants at dawn and dusk, when mosquitoes are most active.

-Wear bug spray
-Consider a Haeleum shirt that has Insect Shield technology (bug repellent) IN the shirt! 

We have tried out these shirts and they have been great! A normal quick dry

shirt it is not. Haeleum shirts have the added added bonuses that they keep you not only dry and safe from harmful UV rays but also safe from bugs. They don't have a strange bug repellent smell or ruin the clothes you are wearing on top. They just do their thing so you can do yours. We have been using them in the garden, to climb mountains and on a few canoe trips and the difference was obvious. While everyone else was swatting bugs and complaining (rightfully so) about the black flies, horseflies and mosquitoes- we had very few bugs swarm us and even land on us. This would be a great a shirt for any AEI program because it's light, wicks moisture, dries fast AND keeps you safer from biting insects. Not the perfect solution, nothing is 100%. Even bug spray will have some insects get through and bite you BUT if you are worried about Zika, this along with bug spray and a net can help you stay safer. Check out the Haeleum Insect Shield shirts and give yourself an extra layer of protection. But what does Nora, our guinea pig and volunteer coordinator have to say? 

"I tried the Haeleum Gleam because I am one of those people who attracts all the insects. Anything that wants to suck blood, they are coming for me. I camp a lot and I travel to tropical countries a lot. What is a 'sweet blooded' person to do? I was also really interested to see how it would perform against mosquitoes, in particular. We have many clients that travel to central America and I wanted to know about one more way for our clients to protect themselves against zoonoses. I brought the Gleam with me as I climbed one of the highest peaks on Vancouver Island: Mount Albert Edward and then a smaller snow called 5040. Both are surrounded by tarns (where many mosquitoes breed) and swamps. I was so impressed with the Gleam first of because it didn't smell like insect repellent. I assumed since it had repellent in the material it would have a strange smell. Not even a little bit and the cut was great! No one knew I was wearing anything that had fancy insect repellent technology until I told them! It is a great lightweight technical shirt that wicked my sweat and kept the sun's UV rays off me. I wore it for two days up Albert Edward and while the bugs still buzzed around me, I didn't get swamped and devoured like I normally do. It was super quick dry but unlike normal quick dry shirts, it didn't end up smelling terrible. It would be a great shirt to volunteer in because it would repel insects but not animals or other volunteers! I recommend this shirt for any outdoor wear, it was great to wear while hiking and climbing. It fit great, was an awesome colour and I think looked good, too! A great shirt to have while in the wilds of Canada or the heat of tropical locales."

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