Orangutan Conservation in Sumatra - 6 month program.

Help Sumatra

Orangutans, one of our closest relatives, are extremely patient, intelligent and inquisitive animals. Tragically, extinction in the wild is likely in the next 10 years for Sumatran Orangutans and soon after for Bornean Orangutans. The Sumatran and Bornean Orangutans' rainforest habitats are disappearing at an alarming rate due to deforestation and clearing of the land for pulp paper and palm oil plantations, with the remaining forest degraded by drought and forest fires. This not-for-profit organization supports orangutan conservation, rainforest protection, local community partnerships and the rehabilitation and reintroduction of displaced orangutans back to the wild, in order to save the two orangutan species from extinction. Programs include human elephant conflict mitigation, wildlife protection patrols, mobile community education and orangutan rehabilitation and release. An important part of this conservation work is educating the public and sharing information with supporters. This placement will require you to produce videos, photos and text that support the on-line promotion of activities to sponsors of this organization.

Includes: Airport pick up and drop off (at closest airport), Accommodation, Food while at the field sites (food while in the office is self funded and will cost the volunteer about $10 USD a day), On-site training, Donation to Placement Partner, AEI Travel Manual, Emergency support while at Placement, carbon credits to offset 3 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions, $10 Credit in our Zazzle store (towards the purchase of recycled water bottles, reusable bags, etc), American and Canadian clients get 50% off at the online AEI IceBreaker store, Emergency support while at Placement, Carbon credits to offset 3 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions, Premium Individual Travel Insurance (up to $500, 000 USD in emergency medical coverage), Travel discounts (through automatic membership to a volunteer only travel discount program), 24/7 Travel and emergency assistance. Are you thinking of fundraising for a portion, or all your fees? Many of our clients have been very successful with their fundraising efforts. To learn more about their successful fundraising projects and see how you can fund raise for your experience, please visit our fundraising page!

Excludes: Flights, Entry visa costs, International and domestic airport taxes, Immunizations and medications. Note: The rabies vaccine is recommended but not required for this Experience however, if volunteers are interested in becoming rabies vaccinated, the average cost is $600- $1000 in North America.

Accommodation: You will be staying in a house rented by AEI for your Experience. Food is provided by the host organization while at the field sites. You are responsible for other meals (food while in the office is self funded and will cost you about $10 USD a day). Are you nervous about travel and your safety? It's okay, travelling and volunteering can be overwhelming, that is why we exist! To help you travel safe, volunteer smartly and get back home in one piece. To read more about how we help you stay safe, please read our Guide to Safety.

Volunteer activities: You will be working at the stations and field camps following patrols and the elephant team to photograph and video tape activities. Part of your time will be spent writing and placing articles on Facebook and on the organization’s website. You will regularly post diary-style updates and video clips on the organization’s homepage. You will prepare videos to be used on exhibitions and training videos for in-house training.

Requirements: This placement requires a volunteer with writing, photography, video and basic computer skills. The volunteer must be comfortable spending time in the field.

Classification of Placement: Standard: Advanced and Specialized.

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OAVTThis is an official pre-approved OAVT Partnership. All participants are eligible for a minimum of 5 Continuing Education credits.
length of stay
Price (in canadian dollars)
6 months $ 3085